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Homily: Pentecost Sunday [A] Vigil Mass

I believe that faith might be precisely an ability to trust the river, to trust the Flow and the Lover. It is a process that we don’t have to change, coerce, or improve, and is revealed in the notion of God as a Trinitarian relationship that flows unguarded. We only need to allow the Flow to flow—and through us. That takes immense confidence in God’s goodness…
Richard Rohr

The readings for Pentecost Sunday Vigil can be found here.

A vigil is a time of preparation The Holy Spirit is not with the disciples just yet, in our Gospel reading. Jesus was preparing his disciples to receive the Holy Spirit. They didn’t understand fully the teachings, but they had faith. As with all vigils, this is a time for reflection and to turn our thoughts to examining our conscience.

We should all ask ourselves: how do I let myself be guided by the Holy Spirit so that my witness of faith is one of unity and communion? Do I bring the message of reconciliation and love that is the Gospel to the places where I live? Sometimes it seems that what happened at Babel is repeated today; divisions, the inability to understand each other, rivalry, envy, selfishness. What do I do with my life? Do I bring unity? Or do I divide with gossip and envy? Let us ask ourselves this. Bringing the Gospel means we in the first place must live reconciliation, forgiveness, peace, unity, love that the Holy Spirit gives us.
– Pope Francis I

It takes faith to trust that God knows better than you. It takes faith to trust that the Holy Spirit can guide you when you know those old prejudices are keeping you from God, but you are too scared to let them go. Only you can examine your conscience. There is no right way, although folks who follow the spiritual exercises of Ignatian discernment certainly have a tried and true method. Not much more needs to be said. It is time to prepare for the Holy Spirit. It is time to open to love.

Faith is not belief without proof – it’s trust without reservation.
Rev. Whitney Z. Edwards

God is love. Trust in love.

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I am a Roman Catholic quester. You will find that I have scripture based academic interests. You will discover that I am a conservative Catholic but I am also prone to heterodox tendencies. I am versed in highly pietistic traditionalist practices but I am not a traditionalist. I am interested in entering a discussion on the future of the Roman Catholic Church. I would like to have a role in discussing how the future Church will be shaped.

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