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Year of Faith Set List

Tablet Article on Bishop Egan

Surfers, the Year of Faith is here and you will likely be inundated with activities as part of the festivities. Please act responsibly.

As with all of these Catholic hierarchy initiatives there are some who will take advantage of this opportunity to push their own agenda. Ask yourself if the activities make sense or if they help us to love God and love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

Our friend, the brand new, Bishop Egan has something to say about celebrating the year of faith (see link above). Below is a portion of the article.

In the letter, which will be read out in churches across the diocese on
Sunday, he [Egan] also suggested Catholics could also “make the sign of the cross” when out for a meal and say grace before meals as a family. “Why not say ‘thank God’ when someone tells you good news or ‘please God’ when they tell you their hopes and aspirations?,” he asked.

The good Bishop believes that if you play the role of the stereotypic Catholic that the Year of Faith will look good. What the Bishop is asking people to do is be hypocritical. If Catholics had the attitude to say grace before meals they would already exhibit the behavior. The theory of learned behavior, see Dr. Richard Taflinger, tells us that the belief informs the attitude and the attitude dictates the behavior.

The Bishop can bring a lot of Catholic guilt to bear on the people in the pews. Being phoney is no way to celebrate the Year of Faith. If you find yourself feeling like you should act more stereotypic Catholic, please pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance.

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I am a Roman Catholic quester. You will find that I have scripture based academic interests. You will discover that I am a conservative Catholic but I am also prone to heterodox tendencies. I am versed in highly pietistic traditionalist practices but I am not a traditionalist. I am interested in entering a discussion on the future of the Roman Catholic Church. I would like to have a role in discussing how the future Church will be shaped.

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