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Surfers, I have discovered a new book, that I am currently reading. I like to share my reading list with you, because if I find them interesting you might, also.

Let me begin with this important point. A scripture is a kind of devotional writing, nothing more and nothing less. Christianity is a scriptural religion. And Christians today claim to have received special revelation about God and God’s relationship to the world through a body of sacred writings they call the Old and New Testaments…This means that Christianity is also a historical religion, and its founding documents are historical documents, regardless of how they may be represented in Sunday schools or from Christian pulpits. These scriptures are not timeless documents dropped down from on high, deliberately severed from their place, their time, their original language, and their relationship to one another… They are also texts that talk back to one another and argue with one another, so they need to be excavated and studied with special care. Nowhere is this clearer than when we read the Christian gospels, documents written one or two generations after Jesus lived.
Louis A. Ruprecht Jr.

To further this discussion I will introduce you to Steve Rozema and his explanation of how he is personally excavating the Christian gospels with care. Surfers, I would encourage you to read his words and take time to evaluate where you sit with the Christian gospels. While you are there, leave a note of eoncouragement.

Advancements in our understanding of what the scriptures say, and why they say that, are coming in daily. To be a part of the future of Christianity we will all need to keep up. Years ago, as I started my journey into scripture study, I was discussing modern scholarship with a co-worker. He explained to me that regardless of what moderns scholars uncover there is a truth that will never change. He was certain that nothing learned in modern scholarship could compare to the truth of the teachings of Jesus. Surfers, you make up your mind, but read some modern scholarship before you decide your mind.

About neodecaussade

I am a Roman Catholic quester. You will find that I have scripture based academic interests. You will discover that I am a conservative Catholic but I am also prone to heterodox tendencies. I am versed in highly pietistic traditionalist practices but I am not a traditionalist. I am interested in entering a discussion on the future of the Roman Catholic Church. I would like to have a role in discussing how the future Church will be shaped.

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