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Love Always Prevails

Change denotes the transition that occurs between one state to another. Change can mean:The process of becoming different. This gives us terms; changing faces, changing lanes, changing places, and the changing of the guard.

Growing is the action of the verb to grow; That grows or grow; Connected with growing. It gives us such terms as; growing pains, growing up, and Growing Up Brady. You can feel free to strike that last reference.

Surfers, I have a blog posted by John Hobbs for your review. Go ahead and surf over to his blog and leave him a note of encouragement. I believe that John echos a sentiment that many people share; a frustration at the ambivalence of our society. Why are people desiring one thing and doing another. Ambivalence! We hear you John.

When we discuss spirituality, do we have the same ambivalence? Is our spirituality similar to eating right; we know what the right thing to do is, but lack the will power? What is the process we need to follow to change our ways? How do we grow in the Spirit? Do people resist change and growth in the spirit, just like other attitudes of ambivalence?

As soon as the heart is willing, souls come under the influence of divine action, whose power over them depends on the extent to which they have surrendered themselves. Love is the way to this surrender.
Jean-Pierre de Caussade

If our hearts are willing to surrender to love, God moves us in the spirit. When John Hobbs speaks out in frustration at the slow pace of change, and rails at the ambivalent attitudes of those around him, perhaps it is not our part to expect this? Every heart must surrender to love for God to do the work of divine action. If we surrender to love ourselves perhaps our frustration will lessen as the peace of God will reward our act of surrender? Dear surfer, you decide. John, we will keep you in our prayers.


About neodecaussade

I am a Roman Catholic quester. You will find that I have scripture based academic interests. You will discover that I am a conservative Catholic but I am also prone to heterodox tendencies. I am versed in highly pietistic traditionalist practices but I am not a traditionalist. I am interested in entering a discussion on the future of the Roman Catholic Church. I would like to have a role in discussing how the future Church will be shaped.

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